【Forex】Best Range Break Out Strategy ever? Just One Strong Entry Signal Which Make You Rich

Have you ever experienced that every time you start your trade, the price goes against your favor and tricked by fake break out?

If you have such an experience, just read this post. I will figure it out for you. 

This information I am going to talk about is gonna be useful for preventing being tricked by such a fake break out.



“Find a Step Box When You Trade Break Out”


Actually, it is 200% impossible to trade with avoiding all fakes.

But if you use this Step Box Strategy, you will be able to do the trade with lower risk.

Anyway, let me explain further using some pictures below.

First, This is how the step box looks like.

And this chart pattern often appears when the price tries to break the resistance or support.

This is kind of a staircase for the price goes upward.


If I talk about where to enter your trade at this pattern,

In this case, You had better enter right after the step box range is broken (blue mark)

because if you wait for making a dip, in most cases, the price will leave you so quickly. (just from my experience)


And if you want to get more high win rate, I recommend you trade following the primary trend direction.

I mean if the primary trend is upward, just ignore all short entries even step box is broken into downward.

If the price is making uptrend in 1 hr chart,  You need to follow that direction when you trade in the lower time frame like 5m and 15m.


“Don’t think about how much you can have winning trades. Always try to think about how to avoid unnecessary losses.”

This is a secret of how to be successful at trading.


Not only the above picture, but this is also a situation you can use the step box.

Now let me show you how step box looks like in the real chart.

You can do the entry like this.




Put a STOP LOSS  for Minimal Risk


And there is one more good thing about this strategy.

After you did the entry, of course, you have to think about where to put a stop loss right?

But if you use this strategy, you don’t need to think about it in many cases.

It is so simple, you can put it just under the step box range just like below,

Why? because once the price breaks the support level of step box range, this range breaking will fail with high probability.

So, in this case,  you don’ t need to have a position anymore, just cut your position and wait for the next entry chance.

You know, Cutting the position with minimum loss is a really essential skill for every trader.


All right, I think this is it today! See you soon. 



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