【Forex】Newer Trader? This is the To-Do List in Order to be a Pro Forex trader.

Hello traders.  This is Hiro.

Today, I would like to share you articles which beginner traders must read to be successful at Forex trading!


Honestly, Forex trading is not that easy. I guess most of you guys watching this post is still not able to make profits consistently from the forex market.

But, if you keep doing the right method, the result will follow you, I promise.

I have gathered all the articles below which you have to watch to trade like a pro in the future.

If you have done all of it, I’m positive that you are gonna see something very important to survive the market.

So, just keep it up.


→Intermediate, Advanced trader? then you can skip it and check this out!


1, Know what forex market really is. Why you should do forex trading?

In this article, I have explained about very basic concepts of the forex market and what everyone should know to make a killing in the market

If you are newer at forex trading, I highly recommend you starting from this article.

→【Forex】What is Forex Trading? Why you should trade forex?



2, Learn the basic trading terms. An article for newbies

In this article, I have collected all basic trading terms which you have to know before starting forex trading.

I know that learning technical terms related to the forex market is kind of hard to approach. 

but this is a path all traders who are desiring to make money from the market have to through.

So, I recommend you check this out. or you can use this as a dictionary.

→【Forex】20 Trading Terms You Have to Know before Starting Forex Trading



3, Manage your risk! The most important part of trading is this.

What is the most important thing to win trading? strategy? or intuition?

Neither. It’s Money Management. 

I can say that most of the traders are losing money because they don’t follow it correctly.

In this article, I have explained about how to manage your risk correctly.

A trader that master the risk management will soon master the forex market as well.



→If you are an intermediate or advanced trader, learn some trading strategy from here 







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