【XM】How to upload and verify trading account with document.

1.Log into your account

Go to XM Official site, and click “MEMBER LOGIN”.


Type your MT4 ID and password, then click “LOGIN“. 


2.Go to the upload page

If you see ① when you log in to your account, then skip to STEP 3.


If you don’t see ①, then click ②. 


If you click ②, then you click “Upload Documents”, just like below↓ 



3.Upload your documents

You have to upload 2 types of documents in order to verify your account. 

The first one is proof of identity.

You can upload one of these below↓


・Driver’s License

・National ID

After you upload one of these, click “UPLOAD YOUR DOCUMENT” just like below. 


Then, the next step is to upload proof of residency.

You can upload one of these below↓

・Utility Bill

・Bank Statement

・Barangay Clearance

After uploading the document, then you click “UPLOAD YOUR DOCUMENT”. 

They are going to confirm your documents in a few hours at the earliest. 

Basically, you will get the result within 2 days. 


Thank you for reading!