【Binary Option】I lost 15 million yen, while my trading robot makes money stably

Hello guys, this is Lucas.


I lost 15 million yen today


I think most of you guys never seen this trading history…lol

The tremendous loss.


Actually, I still have more…


This account was about to be frozen, 

but, I lost all money in this account now…lol


If I enter in short expiration time, I got all positions actually.

However…suddenly the price bounce back…

that was my mistake selecting a long expiration time.


It’s been for a while since I have lost all the money in my account.


The bad point of this trade is I didn’t observe the market carefully.


I focused on the waveform too much.

and was careless the market overall.


Anyway, fail experiences are the best material to improve your trading.

It is important to understand the reasons why you lost.


Not only about your losses, but also learn from someone’s losses as well.


If you can steal something from my loss trades,

you will be better in the near future.


For some tips,

My trading strategy is strong in a big trend but weak in half baked trend.


My trading robot is still stable


While I was losing a lot of money, my trading robot was making profits stable.

This is great, isn’t it?

14 entries 12 wins 2 losses

One bet is 1000 yen because this is kind of trial operation,


Even if I use this by 5000 yen a bet, profit is going be 50,000 yen per day,

so if I use this by 200,000 yen a bet, profit is going to be…crazy


Anyway, this is today!

Thank you for reading!



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