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☆TD Sequential ~Get to know the Market Reversal Point~

TD Sequential will tell you the points which the price is likely to reverse by numbers.

As you can see the picture, there are a lot of numbers 1~13 on each candle.

But actually, the numbers you have to focus on here is only 9 and 13.


[9]→ The price will possibly rebound a little bit, but not very large.

[13]→ The price will possibly rebound largely and the trend direction will be reversed.


All you have to do is just to remember these two number. 

That’s it. so easy right?

Then you must be curious that how heightened accuracy does it has?

Let me answer honestly, it has about 60~65% accuracy.

It is not super high, but it is enough to make profits and it will be more beneficial if you could use it in the best way.

☆GMMA ~Trend or Range?~

As you may know already, GMMA is an Indicator which is consisted of 12 Moving Averages (short term×6, long term×6).

It is quite simple and that’s why it will be a big help for beginners to identify the current market circumstance.

If you could identify the turning points the range will be broken and move into trend momentum, you can earn make a lot of money of course.And this indicator make it possible.

This is the situation in which the range momentum is shifting to trend momentum.

You can know it by watching the TWIST of GMMA as you can see in the Yellow Circle.

During the range momentum, GMAA is like this.

Pretty easy isn’t it?

During my Trainee’s era, I always use this indicator and yes… actually I could make a lot of money by this.

So, GMMA is my recommendation for beginners.

☆Alert SMA-EMA CrossOver1.mq4

This indicator will give an arrow when Two different Moving average make a cross.

●This time, I used SMA and EMA.

●You can use this as signal of golden cross and dead cross.


This indicator will show the direction of MA(20,50,100), MACD, CCI, ADX in your subwindow chart.

●If you trade with Multi Time Frame Analysis and these technical indicators,

●This indicator allows you to monitor other time frame situation all the time.

☆Candle Pips Indicator 2.0

This indicator will show the pips between the high price and low price.

● You can check the pips of each candle at a glance which you are watching.

● This is gonna be convenient when you look for the price to take profits and also loss cut price.


This MultiZigZag indicator can show other time frame’s zigzag chart all at once.

●A zigzag chart is an indicator which connects the highest price and lowest price in a certain duration.

●This indicator is very useful when you use “Break out Strategy”.

●Actually, MT4 has already zigzag chart in the tool tab, but this is much more convenient in the term of it can show it in Multi Time Frame.


Tick_Chart shows the tick movement of Ask and Bid on your subwindow chart.

●Blue price is ASK, and Red Price is Bid.

●You can use this to confirm the difference of spread size between the brokersand also you can check if the price is stable after the economic news released.


This indicator can draw Fibo retracement automatically based on the Zigzag, 

● You can change the  parameters of Zigzag as wsy you want, and of course, Fibonacci retracement will be adjusted according to its change.


This is an indicator which was combined with original RSI and Ichimoku.

● What’s important here is you need to watch how these two indicators are related to one another and identify the right market situation.


This indicator will give an alert for you when the price touches ±2σ.

● You won’t miss big market momentum even if you don’t pay much attention to the chart since this Bollitoucher will give you an alert by sound.


This is an  Aroon Indicator.  You can use this to identify the begginning of trend and           also the strength of trend.

● You can know how many times the price hit a new high or new low by watching the             cross of blue line and red line.

● Higher value of aroon is, stronger trend is.

☆Rads HAS

This indicator shows  the percentage of variance of different two  moving averages

● We used SMA and EMA and the higher the divergence rate, the higher probability of reversals.

● If you do Forex , you can use this when you want to know the trend reversal                           point. 


This is upgrade ver of CCI which you can use for trend follow.

● And this is also useful when you want to determine the support level and resistance level. You can identify it by watching the green line and red line.


This indicator will show you each RSI value of other time frame.

● You can use 15m, 30m, 60m~ 1month in the defalt setting.

● If you use RSI indicator and do the MTF analysis, This will help you a lot.

☆Elliott Wave Oscillator

This is a oscillator indicator which uses the some important value used in  elliot waves theory.

● I used two simple moving average(5,34) which is important at elliot waves theory to draw a histogram.

● You can use this histogram to determine your entry point.


● This is an original index which smooth the RSI value.

I also added a signal line. You can use this indicator as a signal to go in your entry when the two lines make a cross.

● You can use this as a signal of overbought and oversold as well.  

☆Color Stochastic.mq4

● If you are contrarian trader, maybe this is gonna help you. I put colors on stochastic and color will become darker as the price get overbought and oversold situation.

● But don’t do the trade only by using this. Just  use it as reference to identify the overbought and oversold point.


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