Forex Signals by TOP 5% Traders

Forex Signals
By Top 5% Traders

We are now providing Forex Signals analyzed by top 5% traders in the forex market.

All signals(beta version) are available for totally free only for now.

Get Same Results with Professionals

Our technical analysts are professionals as they have been successfully surviving the market over 10 years and keeping making stable profits every month.

All you have to do is just to trade as our signals indicate where to enter and finish your trade. This signals will help you get the same results with our trade performance.

What You Can Get from Our Service

Best Forex Signals

All signals are free. Not only where to enter trades, but also SL and TP points will be informed. There is no need to think about it by yourself.

Best Chart Forecast

Our technical analysis traders will explain real time forex chart forecast for you. All analysis will be performed by human traders, not a robot.

Chart Analysis

Our trade style is day trading and swing trading which take postions for days~weeks. We are not are going to provide instant trading signals like “Scalping” since we only focus on the accuracy of our signals.  All technical analysis will be conducted by human Professional trader who have been traded forex over 10 years. Futures of Our Analysis are as below.

・Simple and easy to understand for begineers

・ Highly profitable and low risk logics

・We mainly use trend follow strategy, reversal strategy and breakout strategy

・Analysis from very unique point of view.

Forex Signals(Beta Ver)

Examples of our signals results for 2018/03/30~2019/04/01.

(We reveal all details of trades at only our signal community)

These are just examples. We deal  with more than above pairs. And our strategies are very profitable at most of it.