Hi everyone!

This is Lucas Matsuda, a founder of Wandering Traders LAB.


This is a trading history of when we got over $400,000 profit A DAY ↓↓

This is our biggest profits a day so far.

But we are now able to earn $100,000 a day constantly.

Why can we make enormous profits like this?



All right,

Now let me introduce about us shortly for people who visit our Website for the first time!

First, my name is Lucus Matsuda, a founder of Wandering Trading LAB.

And Wandering Trading LAB consists of high skilled trading experts and well developed MQL programming experts.

While our programmers investigate the past market by taking thousands of backtest and produce powerful EAs,

our trading team makes a large number of profits in a short time.

As you can see it on our blog and Facebook, our average total profits in a day are often over $100,000.

And plus, we have profits constantly from hundreds of our EAs and other trading robots as well. 


Recently I have been asked about our Trading Robots by so many people.

So let me answer to questions which I have got from you guys in the article below!

→Read Q and A about my systems and who I am


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