【Binary Options】 $100,000 Bet! This is just insane.

Hello buddies! This is Lucas from Wandering Traders LAB.  

I just took and post a video of my Binary trading on a Facebook page.


I will post a lot of contents about forex, binary option, and so on. 

if you have an interest, come join us and ask anything you want. 




I ended here at facebook post, and do you want to know what’s happened after this?


It was going to lose at the video. 


But do not worry.

This is just within my expectations.



Do you wanna see the result?


Well, this is finally how it went!




Hehehehe 🙂


I got all the positions.

This trade was $50,000 bets.

So I got $44,000 profits.



and actually,

I have traded on another account at the same time.

This is the result…


I got all the positions here too.

The profit is about $42,000 for this trade.




Total $98,000 bet and $86,200 profit in just minutes.


But this is not that big trade for me.


This is how I trade every day. 


My trading team also make profits as much as I do.


I am going to talk about a lot of tips and info about trading that will improve your trading greatly.

So If you have an interest, please check our Facebook and Youtube below!


→This is the best way to use RSL and Bollinger Band. Secret tips for only my readers.


I'm glad if you share this article!Thank you.

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