【Binary Options】 Our Robot’s Trading Results & How to Select Expiration Time

Hello, traders!

This is Hiro from Wandering Traders LAB.


How’s your trading?

I hope your trading is going well.


Today I am going to show you guys our robot’s trading result of this month.

and in the latter, I will talk about “How to select profitable Expiration Time” for your trade.

Let’s check it out!!


I recently have been asked many times about Our Robots


Many people have been asked me on the Facebook about “the win ratio of our Robots


But unfortunately,


“We are NOT selling Any Robots and EA for [first-Customers] right now.”



But many people seem to want to know about our Robots performance,

So, In orders to let you guys know our product’s quality,

let me introduce our Binary Robot`s performance this month.

29 wins 15 losses 44 trades

win rate is 65.91%


540.5 USD profit ($50 bet) in 22 days


Monthly interests is about 66%
, pretty good, isn`t it?


And Let me remind you that this is just 50 USD bet as you can see the pictures,

So, It means you can change it to 100 USD or even 1000 USD.


Loses little by little, wins largely at once, This is how this robot makes profits.


 Although there is a long stagnation period, once it starts to win, it won`t stop lol


How to select the right expiration time


As far as I have been taught a lot of traders,

There are a lot of binary traders (beginner to intermediate) like below.


* people who lost the trade in the last 1 min

* people who lost the trade because they chose a wrong expiration time which is too earlier.



*There were people who insist that HighLow operates its price rate to lose his trades.



That is impossible.

If they do that, it will be illegal, and there is no need to take that risk for them,


And as you can see the agreements of HighLow, there is a description that HighLow is using the original rate. So if you don`t like it, just stop trading right now at  HighLow.

Read the agreement of broker which you use before you trade binary option, Okay?

That is a super basic thing.


And what I want to say to people who lose in the last 1 min is..


It is just because your entry is not a good one.


When you do the trade at HighLow, the main time frame is 5 min.

Do you know when the 5 min candlesticks move most aggressively?


It is last 1 min,


So, it is just normal to move the price in reversal direction in the last 1 min.

It is the most important time when you watch 5 min candlesticks

You had better know that when you trade binary option.


And what I want to say to people who lose by selecting too earlier or too late expiration time is…

You should choose it depends on what kind of trading strategy are you using.

If you use the oscillators, it is best to select the shortest expiration time.


If you trade at the end of the trend, it is best to choose the longest expiration time. (10 min ~ 14 min 40 sec)


If you trade at normal ~ aggressive point, like Bollinger band 2σ, it is the best to select the middle expiration time. (5 min ~ 10 min)


Like this, the best expiration time is different depends on what kind of trading strategy you are using.

And it is the closest way to take a backtest to know that.


By the way, even my trading strategy,

There is 3%  difference of win rate between longest and shortest expiration time


This is so big difference,

If I assume that I trade 1000 trades a year

33 profit trades turn to lost trades



145,200 yen (Original profit) +165,000 yen(new lost) = 310,200 yen (5000 yen bet)

310,200 yen will be different by choosing the best expiration time

Earning 310,200 yen by 5000 yen bet is so difficult, you know

If you do a trade 10 times a day, it will be 2400 trades a year.

If I calculate this,

If there are 80 times trades


352,000 yen + 400,000 yen = 752,000 yen (5000 yen bet)


What do you think?

This is the power of selecting the right expiration time.

If you know this, it is better to know the right expiration time than making a new trading strategy.

If you trade more than this per day, it is really important to select the right expiration time, right?

Do NOT seek today’s profit, you have to see the profit in the long term,


In order to make a profit for years, it is so important to take a backtest and know your strategy’s features.

If you use indicators in your trade, you are much easier to improve it, so please do it.

If you trade watching candlesticks without indicators, it is a little bit hard to do it,

(it is because you have to make an original indicator before you take the backtest )


If you are using default indicators in MT4, I recommend rethinking your expiration time,

it is the best way to take backtests.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

See you guys next time 😉



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