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Hello, this is Lucas from Wandering Traders LAB.

How are you guys doing? Are you guys doing ok with your trade?



I am going to talk about brokers for Binary Option.

I really got a lot of questions about this topic.


I guess many people wonder which a broker is the best to use, like reliable, useful, and popular.

So I am going to talk about which brokers I recommend, and which brokers I mainly use.

This article is better than any review sites because I really used it and have experienced so many brokers in the world.

*This is going to be for beginners or intermediate. But the last part of it is for everyone.


First, when you choose a broker which you are going to use,

you have to consider whether they really allow you to withdraw your deposit or not when you make money.


Because even if you make a lot of money through Binary Option,

it is just meaningless if you can’t take it out.




How do you know whether they are reliable or not?


You have no way to know because there are no traders

who actually make huge money through Binary Option.

But I and my trade team, we have used many brokers to see how many brokers allow us to withdraw money.


And we figure it out that there are only 3 brokers which allowed us to withdraw all of the deposit.

Those 3 are below.


*** These 3 brokers are just we normally use.

IQ option



1. Worldwide – Based on Europe. Few countries are not allowed to access it, like the U.S, Canada, Australia, Japan, and so on. 

But it is one of the biggest brokers in the world. 

2. Reliable – This is a really really reliable broker because even if you earn millions of dollar, you could still withdraw all of the money.

This is very important since when people earn a lot of money through binary option, you can’t even withdraw because brokers are just not reliable.

They will say “Sorry we got a technical issue on your account.” Something like this.

However,  IQ OPTION never happens such a thing. That’S why I love this broker.

You can always withdraw your all deposit whenever you want.  

3. Variety Options – Over 500 assets which you can trade. (Include currencies, stock, etc…)

I usually trade by many currencies, so this is one of the reasons that I use this.

4. High return – Up to 90%. You might think it is just 90%, but if you do binary option a really long time, 90% is pretty high.

5. Championship – There is a championship that they have a ranking system of trade.

If you use iq option, you can join this, and you will know where you locate on ranking.

I personally got No.2 in the world and No.1 in Asia. the different between No.1 trader, who is someone in Britain and me is just amount of bet.

So I’m going to raise my bet and I am coming to him.



Don’t know how to open an account IQ OPTION? Here are easy steps to open your account. 


Highlow Markets


1. Worldwide – This broker has a headquarter in Australia, but it opens for worldwide, mainly Asia.

2. Reliable – Same as iq option, this is also reliable because no matter what happens you could withdraw your all money.

There is a free demo account, so you could try it first before you start your trade at the real account. 

But you will be limited your trade when you earn too much as you could only bet $50 per trade.

3. Variety Option – There are 35 currencies that you can trade. Also, there is a Turbo trade, so you have from 30-sec trade to the longest one which is 1 day.

4. High return – The maximum return is 90%. Actually, HighLow is also one of the famous brokers about a high return.

5. Free demo account – You can practice however you want. you don’t need to deposit, but they will give you virtual money.

So you don’t lose any of your money. When you feel that you are ready to go actually account, then you can make the account for free.

6. Good customer service – HighLow has customer service, so you can always ask them your questions.

It takes 3 to 5 business days, but always they are polite and give you a direct answer that you want.

7. Bonus – if you make a deposit, then you will automatically get $50 for free.

The minimum bet is $10, and the maximum bet is $2,000 for each time.

The minimum deposit is $50.



Not sure how to open an account at HighLow Markets?

Here are the easy steps for opening an account at HighLow!


Olymp Trade



1. Worldwide – They accept customer from all over the world. They only restrict traffic from 

Australia, Canada, the United States, Japan, United Kingdom, European Union (all countries), Israel, Russia.

So, mostly, they open their business for Asia. 

2. Reliable – Since the broker is one of the biggest brokers in the world,

they have to do clean business. That means it is a highly legit broker.

And also, they have call support,

so you can ask them anytime when you get a question.

3. Variety Option – They have 30 assets on their platform, and the maximum return is 80%. 

4. Free demo account – Olymp Trade got a free demo account, and

they are not going to cost you any money before getting into a real account. 

5. Bonus – You will get a 100% bonus for your deposit. 

6. Good for a beginner I think this is the biggest reason that I recommend this broker. The minimum deposit is just $10, 

and the minimum trade amount is $1.  I guess you are really nervous about trading for the first time, right?

But this broker allows you to trade just from $1. So don’t take it serious about trading, and just try using on it!



These 3 brokers are basically I use. Other brokers, I don’t use at all because there are sometimes problems with withdrawals.

I mean when I made a lot of money, they don’t allow me to withdraw my deposits.

I didn’t get even $1. So I just wasted my time and money…lol


All right, that is it today! I hope this article helps your trade!


→Do you know the word ” Frozen account or closed account”?



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