Tips for using this system.


☆How Can I make a profit by using BTL System?


First, This is a signal system which you can use only for binary options trade. Please do not use for any other financial products like forex, stock trading etc… because it doesn’t work for those.

And, in order to use this system in the most beneficial way, you should not do the entry every time the signal appears.


Well…If you are able to enter all signals, surely you would have enormous profits as you can see the backtest results. but that is 100% impossible because you are never able to enter all signals, right? Can you monitor the market all day and all night without taking any sleeps? of course not!

So, in order to use this system in the most beneficial way,  You need to be able to differentiate which signals are good to enter or not.

Below are the parts which you have to take responsibility in order to increase this system’s win rate more than backtest results!




→Even if below conditions are all satisfied,

NEVER do the entry until signal arrow appears like this.




① Do the enter when the chart is making a beautiful Zigzag chart! (trend angle of 45 degrees is best)

Good Example

When the market has adequate volatility, the price will make beautiful up-down wave shapes as you can see the above chart.

If the signal system gives an arrow around the circle, and also other conditions below, which are ②,③,④, are satisfied at the same time, this is gonna be high win rate entry points.


Bad Example

In this picture, the volatility is low, and also the trend direction is hard to determine. In this case, you should avoid trading even signal system gives an arrow for you. Just ignore it.




② Avoid the entry when the price is in walking the band situation! (Use the Bollinger Band)

This is also a situation which you have to avoid doing the entry.

In this situation, it is hard to win because the power to move in one direction is too strong. This waveform often appears when the price break out the long term range.

In this chart situation, you had better to do the Forex trading, but binary option.




③ Do the entry when the average volatility of the latest 15~20 candlesticks is stable!

Good Example

Let’s assume that the signal system made an alert at the point which blue arrow is appearing, (sorry for its small size…)

And if you take a look at the latest 15~20 candlesticks before blue candlesticks appear,

most of them are keeping the same volatility as you can see each candlestick.

This is also an important point if you try to get only high win rate points.


Bad Example

As you can see the picture,

the volatility in the blue circle is really high compared with the volatility in the red circle.

Even if you get a signal arrow in the blue circle, you should not do the entry because the latest 15~20 candlesticks before a signal arrow appears are not stable.




④ Do the entry when a big bear candle or big bull candle appears at 1 min time frame chart.

If a signal arrow appears when the price makes a big bear candle or big bull candle like the above picture, the win rate is gonna be much higher than the normal candlesticks.

(I know it from the backtest)




☆ What is the best Expiration Time and Time Frame?


I recommend trading with  5~15 min expiration time because the backtest result shows these expiration times had the best performance in the past market.

And best time Frame for this signal tool is 1 min because I took the backtest only for 1 min time frame for this time.

Actually, You can use any time frame, But I don’t recommend of course.



Sorry, that is all that I can reveal so far…

Actually, these things are just a few parts of the technique to raise the win rate of this system. Originally, this logic has 83%~86% win rate if other different requirements are satisfied. I didn’t mention this time because it is free.


But, If you could enter by satisfying these 4 conditions,

the win rate is gonna be around 65~70%.

(You can also do the entry even if all 4 conditions are not satisfied, you can do the trade with 2~3 conditions, but, of course, the win rate will drop down than 70%.)

It means you will have more than 2 wins per 3 entries!!


This is super insane!!

Feel like I am doing too much…

Why am I offering this system and strategy by free..?lol




I hope you guys would make some money using this system and strategies.

This system is totally free and I will never demand any further additional fees for this from now on too.


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