【Forex】Don’t Learn the Trading from Books!!

Hi everyone. Hiro is here.


If you are watching this blog, you are sure you want to make money by trading, right?

But actually, in my view, most of the beginner traders are misunderstanding how to learn to trade.

Today, I want to explain below how to learn the trading in the closest way and right way to be a wealthy trader.


Don’t learn the trade from books!

If you are a newer trader, you might think it is the best way to learn for trading from books, first.

Well, sometimes it could be, but in most case, it is not the best way to be a pro trader. 


First, let me talk about the case that is good to start from books for beginners.

If you are using books trying to learn about the specific technical terms of trading and investment,  I can say you are on the right track!

Unlike other industries, the financial industry has really a lot of technical terms you need to know before starting the trade.

Reading books will help you to learn and understand a lot of these difficult technical terms of trading in a very effective way.

I just collected all trading terms you have to know before starting trading in this article. If you are interested, just check this one too.

→20 Trading Terms You Have to Know before Getting Start Trading


Don’t copy the strategy on books

All right then, now let’s think about the case that ruins your trading skill by reading books.

If you are using a book to study some specific trading strategies and how to analyze the market, I recommend you stop doing that right now.

I don’t know why people always try to copy the strategies on books,  

but trust me, there is no way to be a constant winner at the financial market only by reading trading books.


One of the most important point to be a successful trader is whether the strategy which you are using really does suit you or not.

Even if you can copy the trading strategy on the books, it is not going to be a real strategy for you but an author of the book.


How to make a profitable trading strategy

Trading is not “battle of knowledge ” but “battle of mind and mentality”.

What all you need to do in order to find a real trading strategy which leads you to a successful trader is just these 3 steps

  1. Know the basics of the market
  2. Build a hypothesis
  3. Test the hypothesis at real market


That’s it. 

As I said earlier, using books to learn technical terms of the financial market is good for the first step. 

But actually, No2 and No3 steps is kind of difficult for most of the newer traders, I guess.

So, for everyone who thinks it’s too difficult to do, I am going to release a lot of beneficial information about trading from now on too.

If you wanna know more, please just check other articles as well.

I believe that information on my blog is very unique and going to help your trading a lot!



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