Open a XM account!

1.Go to XM official site, and click the OPEN AN ACCOUNT


2.Fill your personal information in the blank 

After your fill in the blank all information, then click “PROCEED TO STEP 2“.

*Trading Platform Type → MT4 (That’s everyone use normally.)

*Account Type → Standard


Then you fill in the all blank again below. 

*Leverage → If you are just beginner for Forex, then I recommend not choosing high like 1:100, 1:888.  Choose less than 50.

Hopefully, less than 10 would be good, but if you want to make profits largely, then the maximum is 50. (though 50 is still high lol)

This case, search by yourself about the right size of leverage. I’m just going to focus on how to open the account for this time because it’s going to be long.

*Account Bonus → Since you can make many accounts with the same name in XM, you can decide which account you want to receive the bonus. But, the total amount of bonus is decided, so you can divide into some accounts, or you can receive all the bonus in just an account. 

Once you fill all the blank, then click the “OPEN REAL ACCOUNT”.

After that, you will receive an email from XM about email verification. 


3.Check the email 


Then you will get an email again from XM. 

In this email, you will get you MT4 login ID no server, which are in red boxes. 


All right, this is how to open an XM account.

In the next article, I will talk about “How to Download MT4“.