The only way to be wealthy in the future capitalism. What ability you should have for it?

What do you occur to you when you hear the “Investment”?


Recently,  Seems investment business has been famous globally more than before.

I don’t know exactly why so,( maybe because of cryptocurrency), but what I can tell you with 100% confidence is the ability to invest your money to something is gonna be a really important in your future life.



There is a famous economist from French called Thomas Piketty, and he just has proven a formula which is ”r > g”

If I summarise what this formula means concisely, it says…

“In the future capitalism, the gap between the rich and the poor will get much bigger and people who master the investment will be more wealthy and people who don’t will get poorer”

Unfortunately, this is an unshakeable fact. 

So, if you are thinking you want to have money in the future, all you have to do is just to learn how to increase your money by investing.

Now then, What do you have to keep in mind if you invest your money more wisely?  I would like to talk about this a little bit for this time.


First, Let me ask you one thing. What thing does it come up to your mind when you hear the word “investment”?

Stock trading?  Forex?  Binary option? or real estate?

Yes, all of these is definitely the investment. 


Then, how about a Casino? Do you think gambling is an investment?

I guess most of you guys will answer with “No”.

But in my view, not only these financial products like forex but also even gambling, it sometimes can be an investment as well.



What is the difference between gambling and investment?

The difference between gambling and investing is “Whether you do it based on the statistical strategy or not”

Even if you do forex trading, sometimes it is gonna be a gamble if you trade without any statistical evidence.

On the other hand, if you do a gamble with statistical evidence, sometimes it could be an investment.

So what I want to tell you by this is,

When you do the investment and trading like forex, stock, CFD, Binary option and so on, you always need to do it with statistical evidence, otherwise, it would be a gamble.

Sometimes there are people who insist like “All you have to do in order to be a real trader is just to gain a lot of experiences from the market as many as possible.”

Umm. Yeah, I agree that this is totally right saying, of course.

But just too old-fashioned thinking I think.

If you wanna be the best at investing or trading, just take backtest and investigate the past market and past statistic.

This is the closest and most accurate way to be successful in the financial market and other investment as well.




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