【Forex & Binary Options】How to Minimize Your Loss Trades


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As far as I have been watched a lot of traders, most people seem they don’t want to make any losses by trading.

Yes…I do understand that feeling very much.



You have to clear away that thinking right now if you want to survive in this business.


I will write about “the features of traders who will fail in the market.” in the below.

So please check it out if these apply to you.


*This article is going to work for forex as well.


Don’t be naive about trading



This is important when you do the trading.


What percentage of profits are you expecting?

What win rate are you expecting in a month?

Long term or short term?


I can tell you if you are a good trader or not by knowing your answers against these questions.


Some people can make really big money by the trades in the short term.

That is one of the good aspects of online trading.


But if you do the trade only by watching those aspects, you will end up losing all deposit of your account before long.


It is a good thing to start the trade having big dreams,

But if you are too naive about it, you will be beaten up by the market someday…



Do not try to do the trade when you don’t have enough time to analyze



It is so essential to concentrate on analyzing the market when you do the trade.

You need to analyze the market technically and fundamentally when you do the trade.


“Doing trade and make a profit in the spare time of work”


This is the stage for only the traders who have already studied hard and understood the market very well.

If you are not a trader like this, please do not imitate that, you will fail definitely.


This is a really important point.


In the market, there are a lot of professional traders who have studied hard and know a lot about the market.

If you are still just a beginner and does not know about the market well,

I am so sure that you cannot survive in the market in the long term.

All you have to do is just “Studying” and “Analysing”.



Money is your life,

you shouldn`t waste it.


If you want to increase your money, you have to avoid losing


As far as you don’t lose, you will never lose your deposit in your account, right?

You have to keep it in mind that all you have to do is just to decrease the probability of losing,

Do not try to increase your winning rate by trading many times.

So, you do not need to do the trade except the point where you have the confidence to win!


This is what I care every time when I do the trade.


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